Each of the three primary machining processes: turning, drilling, and milling, plays a key role in how a product is manufactured and contributes to its unique aspects. Razor Machine also offers boring, sawing, shaping and broaching services. We can machine aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and many other materials to convert a workpiece into the exact shape you need. The combination of our team of experts and comprehensive equipment, means we can hold tolerances of +/- a half thousands, and, in some cases, hold tolerances of +/- a couple tenths of a thousands. Generally our work involves machining component parts, molds and replacement parts for molds.

Our lathes, including swiss type lathe, complete turning as they spin the piece to be machined where blades cut and scrape away the desired areas, either on the exterior or interior (boring) of the piece. Cutting tools operate along two axes of motion to create cuts with precise depth and diameter. The workpiece moves/rotates while the lathe is stationary.

During drilling, holes are created in a piece through circular cylinders. One of the most critical of machining processes, the intent of the holes created are many times to aid in assembly to ensure stability and precision.

After a workpiece is turned, it may require an additional process of milling which involves rotating cutters to remove more of the material. During the process, the piece is mounted on a moveable table while the cutting tools are stationary.